Halloween Makeup Ideas!


That means it’s time for costume decisions and makeup ideas! Every year I always have the hardest time trying to figure out what to be for halloween, and this year was no exception. At first I was all like “I’ll just wear cat ears, I’m not really feeling it this year.” And then I was all like “Oooh masquerade mask!”, “A DEER!”, “Idk, maybe just the cat ears…”, “A mermaid!!”

So for all of those people out there getting halloween costume whip lash, I have three ideas to help you in your time of costume confusion!

A#1: The Lion





It was really very easy to do! Just a little flick in the inner corner, extra bronzy skin, a black nose/upper lip and some cute little whisker dots! Throw on some falsies, ears and zhoosh your hair! Baddabing baddaboom! You’re a lion!

B#2: The Mermaid



Again this is super easy! Pull a pair of fish net tights over your head. Push some green and blue shaddow carefully onto your forehead and hollow of cheeks for a “contour”. Brush some gold and blue eye shaddows onto your lids and add falsies. I used a blue eyeshaddow stick on my lips as lipstick and put some gold powder highlight in the middle to make it pop! Then again, zhoosh your hair! Omg girl, you’re a mermaid!

C#3: The Ghoulie Princess


For this last look I started out by trying to make my face look pale by using a light foundation and white eyeshaddow all over my face to get my ghoulie glam on! Add purpley-bluey-pinky shimmers all over your face and use some bluey purple shaddows for contour! Then add a sparkley purple eyeshaddow, false lashes, and a crown! Then line your lips with dark purple (I used a purple eye liner) and add the purple shimmer eyeshaddow that you used on your lids on your lips too. I added a little bit of pink shimmer in my hair too, right in front of my crown! I just brushed out my hair for this look but you could do an updo if you’re feeling creative!

So that’s it guys! 3 super easy halloween makeup ideas! They are all super fun to do and feel really cool to wear! If I could be the lion all the time I totally would!!

I hope everyone has an awesome and safe halloween! Let me know what costume you’re going to wear or if you’re going to use one of these ideas! I would love to hear!



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