One Brand Makeup Look Using Essence!

Hi everyone! Recently I got the Essence Pure Nude Highlighter because I watched some of my favorite Youtube girls using it (i.e. Kathleen Lights and Sarah Therese) and I wanted to try it out myself. So I totally loved it and then wanted to try just one or two more Essence products but ended up getting a ton… sOoOo… here we are with an ENTIRE look using Essence! More is always more, people!!


The only thing on my face that isn’t Essence is my base which is IT Cosmetics CC Cream because the Ulta I go to is slackalackin and doesn’t have a whole lot of Essence products, so we will just have to overlook that(:


To set my CC cream I used the Essence All About Matt Fixing Compact Powder which I really like, it does seem to keep my face decently mattified. And to bronze I used the Sun Club Matt Bronzing Powder in the shade 02 Sunny, it smells like coconuts on the beach with tanning lotion on! MMM so good!! It goes on smooth and stays looking nice for hours, literally love it!

For blusher I used the Silky Touch Blush in the shade 10 Adorable and my highlight was the Pure Nude Highlighter in the shade 10 Be My Highlight. Both products look so natural and beautiful, I highly recommend!! (p.s. the highlight looks like a regular face powder in the pan but gives such a nice sheen on the skin, it’s like magic!!)

I wanted to keep with the natural look so I wanted something light for eyeshadow. I started with shade 19 The Grammy Goes Glammy. I put that all over my eye lid up to my brow. It’s such a gorgeous light champagne color. I went over that with a few of the shades from the All About Roses eyeshadow palette. I used a little of the darkest shade to line my lashes and darken up the lash line just a little. Everything blended out so nicely, I love all of these shadows!

The only mascara I’ve tried from Essence is the Lash Princess and I really love it for my top lashes but not so much for my lower lashes. It tends to get black smears under my eyes after it’s been on for a little while which is not my cup of tea. But I totally recommend for your upper lashes! And I really love the Make Me Brow eyebrow gel but I need to get a darker shade. I have it in 03 Soft Browny Brows but it makes my brows too light, so I’ll pick up a darker shade later but I really like the formula and how it keeps my brows in place!

And finally, lips! I used the 07 Cute Pink lip liner, which I don’t love. It hardly goes on which is super frustrating and kinda painful. You have to REALLY work it in, so I don’t really recommend the liners, unless I just happen to have a bad one. I went over the liner with the Sheer and Shine lipstick in the shade 07 Sparkling Miracle and I do really like it. And on top of that I put the XXXL Shine Lipgloss in the shade 17 Fabulous Fuchsia. Their lip glosses are so amazing, I’ve gotten three shades!

I really love how this look came out, it’s soft and natural and so easy! I love how affordable Essence products are, nothing here was over $10 and actually most was under $5!! I really love everything except the lip liner so that’s really awesome! Let me know which Essence or affordable products are your favorites, I would love to try them!!

Thank you so much for reading!




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