Makeup Clean Up! (Part 2)

Hey guys!

Recently I made the transition into cruelty-free makeup and I feel so good about that decision! I love supporting cosmetic companies who love and respect animals! So why not take that a step farther and buy from companies who love and respect animals and also love and respect you, too?

It’s hard to find many products out there these days that aren’t full of bad things, but I have found a few brands that I can’t wait to start buying from!! I’ve heard nothing but good things about them and I will definitely write follow-up posts to review the products that I get from them!

*All brands listed below are cruelty-free and non-toxic*

 Gabriel Cosmetics

I’ve seen this brand at Whole Foods and I was always interested in it but never actually tested anything out until last week and omg! This foundation felt so smooth on my hand and the lipstick colors looked so gorgeous!! I’m such a blush girl so I def want to try some of those too!

Zuzu Luxe

Zuzu Luxe is also available at Whole Foods and also on the Gabriel Cosmetics website, and the products look just as promising! I didn’t try any of the testers in the store but the reviews online sounded really great! I want to try this eyeshadow in the shade Cake!! Here is a link to the FAQ page that gives a lot of information about the products on the Gabriel Cosmetics website. Def check it out if you’re interested in trying either of these brands!

Osea Malibu

My mom recently told me about this brand and I think it looks really incredible! It’s all skin care so if you’re looking to try something new skincare wise I totally suggest looking into Osea! This Mineral Mist looks so refreshing- I wouldn’t mind having one in my bathroom, one in my bedroom and one to carry with me at all times lol! The name stands for Ocean, Sun, Earth, Atmosphere and I think that is so fun! Here is a link to their FAQ page.

100% Pure

I have been wanting to try this brand for a while now because it just sounds so good! They use fruit to dye their makeup and don’t use any toxic ingredients! They have makeup, skin care, body products, hair products, and baby products! This BB Cream, this eyeshadow and this palette are calling my name!

Juice Beauty

This is another brand I’ve seen in Whole Foods! My mom has tried it but I haven’t yet but I totally want to! They have skin care and makeup and I have to say, this blush is totally speaking to me!! I’m a sucker for a good blush!


This one is kinda new to me. I’ve definitely heard of it before but I just recently looked into it and absolutely love how it sounds! The founder, Gregg Renfrew, is all about using only non-toxic ingredients and making things safe and healthy! The Lip Sheer is supposed to be amazing and I would love to try it in the shade Rose!

ILIA Beauty

This is another amazing sounding brand! Who knew looking for clean beauty would be so quick and easy?? This brand sounds great! This Illuminator sounds interesting and looks like it would be super pretty!

Vapour Organic Beauty

Last but certainly not least is this little gem that I just very recently found! I cannot wait to get my hands on every single one of these eyeshadow sticks!! The colors look like mermaid tails!! So gorg!!

I can’t wait to try each of these brands and really get to know the products because they all sound so promising! Thank you so much for reading this post and I hope that you found something you’re interested in trying! Treat yourself to something healthy and your body and face will thank you!!

I will be doing a Makeup Clean Up part 3 where I let you know my thoughts on the products I get as soon as I get them and try them out so be on the lookout for that!!



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