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Favorite YouTubers to watch!

Hey guys!

So over the past few years I’ve really gotten into watching YouTube beauty videos, makeup tutorials and a few of my favorite girls vlog channels! It’s incredibly relaxing but also very interesting and informative! I’ve learned so much about makeup and brands from watching my fav girls online! It’s also really cool to see and learn about the places these girls live when they vlog!

For a while I was watching them by myself and telling my mom all about my YouTube girls and how cute all the videos are. Now we watch them together almost every night and it’s the best! We definitely have some favorites and I thought it would be fun to share them!

1) Kathleen Lights

2) Sarah Therese and her vlog channel YoungMamaVlogs

3) Chloe Morello

4) Tanya Burr

5) Kaushal Beauty

6) Samantha Maria and her vlog channel SamanthaMariaVlogs

7) Manny Mua

8) Kandee Johnson

9) Nicole Guerriero

10) LustreLux

11) Alissa Ashley

12) Beauty by Sara

13) Sammy Robinson

14) Lisa Eldridge

15)  Cydnee Black

There’s something so calming about watching beauty videos! It reminds me of when I was little and would watch QVC with my mom at night. Happy people talking about pretty happy things is always the perfect way to end the day!

Let me know in the comments who your fav YouTubers are! I would love to add them to our evening lineup!



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