Wisdom Tooth Extraction Survival Guide

Hey guys!

So on March 31 I had my wisdom teeth removed and I wanted to share my thoughts for anyone who might be about to have theirs taken out anytime soon! Three of my teeth were pretty much fine but one was off to the side and couldn’t erupt all the way. It was infected a lot and sore all the time. I have big teeth and it was hard to keep them clean waaaay back there so I ended up getting all 4 removed.

I’ve been recovering for a few days now and you literally can’t tell I’ve had anything done, my face isn’t swollen and I feel great! I’m very blessed because the whole process has been so easy; from making a surgery date, having the actual surgery, and my recovery! It sounds weird but I’ve actually really enjoyed everything about it so far so I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve learned along the way for anyone who may be interested!

24 hours after surgery – I look a hot mess I know, but my cheeks are pretty much normal. Just a tiny bit swollen on the left cheek in this pic which is my right cheek in person.


So first off, make sure you find an oral surgeon that you trust! This is very important! I was recommended to my surgeon through a friend and I really like him and his entire staff. They made the whole experience not just easy but actually fun! So really do your research and wait until you find someone you trust.

Wear something comfortable to your surgery! I was told to wear loose clothes, a short sleeved top and to bring a blanket too. So I wore pajamas and I also wore my awesome Smarty Cartoons socks lol!


I think it’s important that you make sure that after your surgery you have at least a week that you try to take it easy. My surgery was at 9:30 in the morning but the rest of that entire day I was pretty tired. I also got a little silly from the anesthesia but that faded after a few hours. I’m super blessed because I hardly got swollen and I didn’t bruise at all, but I was bleeding a lot the first day and was pretty numb until late that night! I only used a few pain meds the first day and that’s it, but I tried not to move my mouth much for the next several days. I’m into my 4th day of recovery and the only thing besides the actual holes in my mouth healing up is my jaw feels kinda sore if I open my mouth too wide. Something I was surprised about though was that my neck and the glands in my neck were a little sore for several days. I’m sure it’s so normal though, I wasn’t worried about it.

Another thing I’ve learned is baby food is actually so delicious and super fun!! I am obsessed with Earth’s Best Organic baby food and Ella’s Kitchen organic baby food because they are so easy to grab and squirt into your mouth (and they get brownie points for being organic and having pure ingredients!) You have to be super careful when you eat and this has made eating a lot easier! I just get the fruity ones because they veggie ones are not so good (aka ~grossss~)! Also milkshakes are easy to eat, as long as you use a spoon and eat slowly.


I’ve also been making my own mash of sweet potatoes, bananas, coconut milk and water – it’s actually really delicious!  And I also cooked and puréed carrots, sweet potato, spinach, garlic, turmeric, beets, chick peas, water and coconut milk. It was pretty tasty the first 2 days of eating it but now I’m soooo over it! I shouldn’t have made such a big batch lol!

Sleeping with my head elevated has seemed to help, too. But even with doing that the spots still ooze at night, gross I know, but they do. So I’ve been brushing my teeth as carefully but as best as I can so my mouth stays clean. Also I’ve been tipping (not swishing) warm salty water around in my mouth as well as a mouth rinse my surgeon gave me and both seem to keep my mouth pretty clean.

Lastly, just relax. It’s not so bad if you don’t worry about it like crazy! I usually worry about EVERYTHING but thank God I was actually super calm about this. It made it not only endurable but actually enjoyable!

Day 4 post surgery!


That’s all the thoughts, tips and suggestions I have for now! I go back on the 11th to have a check up and if I learn anything else I’ll def write a follow up to this post! If anyone as any suggestions for post-op recovery or any questions about getting your wisdom teeth out just leave them down in the comments section!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope this helps anyone who may be having their wisdom teeth removed anytime soon!



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    1. Thank you very much! Yeah my brother and sister’s teeth came in perfectly fine lol, I’m the only one who had any issues! I’m glad yours came in nicely! I love your site by the way:)
      Thank you for commenting! Xoxo

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