Becoming a Vegetarian!!

Hello everyone!

I’m really excited to say that I’ve decided to become a vegetarian! Over the past several years I’ve really put A LOT of thought into what I put into my body. I’ve eaten kosher along with my mom and sister for years, I’ve given up dairy for multiple reasons, and I focus on consuming mostly organic, whole, non-gmo, healthy foods. I try to stay away from hydrogenated oils, preservatives, sugars, bpa liners, palm oils and weird ingredients that should be left in a laboratory.

When it came to eating meat I stuck with pasture raised and wild caught and I only ate it occasionally. My thought was that they were very happy animals roaming around or swimming around doing their thaang. And they were! But at some point that would have to end for them so that they could be my dinner. I started to think long and hard about that and if it was something I was okay with. But I can’t think about their terrifying last minutes alive and then continue to eat them with a peaceful conscience. I’m Pocahontas through and through and I want animals to be my friends, not my dinner!


Thankfully eggs are still on the menu for me because they are one of my all time favorite things on this planet!! And no one was harmed in the making of my scrambled eggs (from pasture raised hens, of course)! A win win!!

I feel really good, excited and even peaceful about being a vegetarian and I’m extra excited because my mom decided to become a vegetarian, too! Moms are the best! ❤ We’ve been vegetarians for several weeks now and love it!

So that’s the update! Stay tuned for some fun and delicious vegetarian recipes and if you have any recipe suggestions I’d looove to know them!! Especially if it’s Indian food, mmm!!

Easter is this Sunday and I hope everyone has a blessed, safe and wonderful day celebrating! Jesus is Lord!!

Thank you so much for reading!



8 thoughts on “Becoming a Vegetarian!!

  1. You’re my food role model! Been eating super healthy and exercising for a month and down 5 pounds. You’re blog is so inspiring! Can’t wait for the next post. Love love!


    1. Dang girl, yeah that would make it difficult! I feel ya! I’ve been trying to stick with mostly veggies, eggs and oats. And I know a lot of people are iffy about soy but I love tofu, tempeh and edamame and the amount of protein in it is awesome! I just bought some veggie burgers today, fingers crossed they’re good lol!


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