The Lost Art of Foraging

Hey guys!

Today’s topic is going to be somewhat new to most people. Foraging used to be very familiar to most people, but these days it’s all but forgotten. Whenever I tell people I’m learning to forage I always get looked at like I’m crazy! Which I actually kind of love because it makes foraging feel even more special, like a secret only a few people know!

Reading a good book, cooking for fun and learning American Sign Language are also a few of my favorite hobbies, but learning to forage is probably the most unique! I don’t really remember how I got so into it, but it’s something I’ve been slowly learning for several years and I find it to be so interesting! Walking along a road or in a neighborhood (or anywhere really) and being able to identify weeds and wild edibles is actually really rewarding, and then actually eating them is such a unique feeling that it makes you want to learn more!


I still have SO many plants to learn about, but the fact that I know as many as I do is pretty cool to me! And most of them have medicinal properties as well, which could definitely come in handy! It makes me feel like Ayla from Clan of the Cavebear! A medicine woman of sorts! LOL!

I learn a lot from Green Deane who runs Eat The Weeds and also from Foraging Texas who has a ton of weeds that are also native to my area. There is so much information online about weeds and wild edibles which is great and also there are tons of books. I always reference several reputable sources for each plant just to be safe.


I thought it would be cool to sometimes write posts about the plants I research, so I wanted to give a little background before I just started posting random Common Chickweed and Henbit blog posts! Lol!

Let me know in the comments section what your favorite hobby is! I would love to hear what you guys are interested in!

Thank you so much for reading!




9 thoughts on “The Lost Art of Foraging

  1. Hi Brennan. I will most certainly follow your posts on Foraging. Some of my family members are farmers and they have large extended areas of unfarmed land. Especially mountains and some mountain stream areas. I found it very interesting when they showed me what was edible…They also farm with a plant we call Buchu. It has lots of medicinal value. God has most certainly blessed us with a rich fona and flora.


      1. Always. Keep an eye on my page as well. It might just inspire you : )

        Ps. The buchu plant is quite awesome. If i can get a pic from my fam i will be sure to post it. Infact my background i chose was taken on their farm in the mountains a while back.

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  2. Betulina buchu gives the best quality and quatity oil she sais. Ive tasted some buchu water myself back then. Tastes very strong and scented. Reminds you of strong mint flavour but way stronger and doesnt smell quite like mint. I cant describe it exactly though. The scent is unique.


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