Quick and Easy Veggie Pasta!

Hey Guys!

So you know those days when you want a really delicious dinner but don’t necessarily feel like “cooking”? Just something quick and easy but still healthy and sooo good? Well in my family, that dinner is usually pasta! It’s an easy, no fail, crowd-pleasing, quick and delish dinner that can still be super healthy if done right! This post is a real-life, thrown together pasta dish that my Mom made with some fresh veggies, spices and pasta! This dish just goes to show that you can have a quick, healthy and delicious dinner with just some simple ingredients (and a really great Mom<3)

1 (2)

My mom started off by sautéing some onions, garlic and mushrooms that she roughly chopped in olive oil.

2 (2)

4 (2)

Then she tossed in some tomatoes, bell peppers and cilantro!

7 (2)

8 (2)

Next she tore up and sprinkled in some fresh herbs from our little herb garden. Here she used some rosemary and oregano. She leaves them pretty whole, but feel free to chop them a little more.

10 (2)

And here we have Mt. Spinach LOL! A good thing to keep in mind when you’re cooking with spinach is that it’s going to SHRINK DOWN LIKE CRAZY! So going heavy handed with it is perfectly fine (like Mom did here) or just add a little less if spinach isn’t really your jam!

13 (2)

14 (2)

6 (2)

15 (2)

Mom added in some red wine, salt and pepper, garlic powder and dried oregano to the sauce and let it simmer down. While the sauce was simmering, Mom cooked the pasta.

16 (2)

Here is the finished sauce ready to go on the pasta! Mom leaves our pasta sauce very chunky, but you could cook yours down more or purée it so it’s smooth (but this is a quick, easy dinner and ain’t nobody got time for that)

17 (2)

(My dinner with extra salt and garlic powder)

18 (2)

(Mom’s dinner with vegetarian cheese)

SO, just scoop some pasta onto your plate and load it up with the delicious, chunky sauce! Mom adds cheese to hers, I add a little bit more salt and garlic powder to mine! If you wanted you could add some hot sauce on top, too! And really you can use any combination of veggies for the sauce, this is just the combo we used this time. Anything goes, and that’s whats so fun about cooking! And the best part of the whole thing?


20 (2)


Throw the leftovers into a big pot, mix it all up, and have it for lunch the next day(: Leftover pasta is the best!!

I hope this post helps you guys on nights when you want something good but don’t really feel like being super precise and chopping tiny pieces of veggies until your fingers fall off! Just remember: pasta and big chunky sauces are your best friends when you want something quick and healthy! It’s really a no fail meal!

Thank you guys so much for reading and leave a comment down in the comment section of something that you and your mom love to cook together, I’d love to know!



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