Vegan Peas and Onions


Hey guys!

The recipe that I’m sharing today is one that I’ve actually posted before, but this time around I’ve changed it up a tiny bit so that it’s a veganized version! My original Peas and Onions recipe is here if you’re not a vegan and want to give them a try, but seriously this version tastes exactly the same, and it’s vegan! So win-win!!

It still surprises me that my brother loves these peas! And my sister always gets so excited for them, too! Everyone in my little family loves them, which totally warms my soul! My mom even asked me after Thanksgiving if I would make some more just for the two of us to have! Haha!! My family knows these peas will definitely be a part of our holidays forever and ever! They’ve become a tradition for us and it’s really special!

What you’ll need:

-4 tablespoons olive oil

-4 cups sliced green onions

-8 cups frozen petite peas

-4 tablespoons water

-4 tablespoons chopped fresh mint

-5 tablespoons lemon juice

-3 teaspoons salt

-3 teaspoons cracked black pepper



In a large pot heat olive oil over medium heat. Add sliced green onions and 1 teaspoon of the salt. Put on the lid and cook until the onions are tender, stirring occasionally.


Once the onions are tender add in the peas and 4 tablespoons of water. Cover and cook, stirring often, until peas are nice and hot! This part takes a little bit of time because the peas tend to be frozen in big chunks! You can turn the heat up a little to help them along, but watch them closely!


Next, remove from heat and stir in the chopped mint, lemon juice, pepper and remaining 2 teaspoons of salt! These peas can be served hot and fresh, warm, room temperature or cold! That’s part of what’s so awesome about these peas! They are literally so easy to serve!


Thank you guys so much for reading! I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving and have a wonderful time leading up to Christmas and Hanukkah!

Let me know in the comments what your favorite holiday food tradition is!<3



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